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Director of Notifed Areas

As per Rule 37 of Chapter VII of Gujarat Industrial Development (Notified Areas) Rules, 2007, with a view of ensuring efficiency in services, uniformity in administration, maintaining financial discipline, regulating the recruitment and promotion in the notified areas and guiding the notified areas administration on important issues, the Managing Director appoints and designates an Officer of the Corporation not below the rank of General Manager as the Director of Notified Area with powers to regulate and superwise the functioning of notified areas. The Director of notified areas reports to the Managing Director.

Powers, Functions and Duties

As per Rule 38 of Chapter VII of Gujarat Industrial Development (Notified Areas) Rules, 2007, The Director of notified areas excercises following powers.

  1. Under section 257 of Gujarat Municipalities Act, 1963, to inspect any work in progress in the notified areas, to call for and inspect any document in posession of the notified area, etc.
  2. Under section 262 of the Gujarat Municipalities Act, 1963, to dirct notified area to perform specific duty in a given time frame in an event of failure to perform such duty and powers to get the work done from another person at the cost of notified area if the notified area fails to perform the duty in the time limit given, etc.
  3. To introduce working procedures and work norms for bringing uniformity in the working of notified areas.
  4. To examine whether all the notified areas are following the working systems and procedure proposed to be established in the notified areas for improving their performance.
  5. To transfer and take departmental actions against the Chief Officer if found indulging in any financial irregularity or any other serious matter, subject to the approval of Managing Director.
  6. To recommend repatriation of the Chief Officer and other staff on deputation from the Corporation.
  7. To recommend appointing of additional staff in the notified area beyond the staff strength prescribed in rule 36 of the same rules.
  8. To introduce commercial accounting system in all the notified areas and to ensure the implementation thereof.
  9. To recommend changes in the consolidated tax structure made applicable in the notified areas.
  10. To get the consolidate tax made from other agency if the assessment is not made by the Cheif Officer and to certify the assessment list so prepared.
  11. To recommend to sanction to spend from the notified area fund for providing services outside the notified area in special circumstances.
  12. To grant permission to provide services to the people or property situated outside the notified area limits.
  13. To prevent axtrvagance in the employment of staff similar to the power of Director of Municipalities provided under section 260 of the Gujarat Municipalities Act, 1963.
  14. To make, alter or rescind the rules not consistent with the provision of the Gujarat Municipalities Act, 1963, or the rules, by-laws and orders made thereunder, similar to the powers prescribed in respct of the Municipality under section 271 and 275 of the Gujarat Municipalities Act, 1963.
  15. To recommend super session of the Board of Management, to the Corporation on being satisfied that the BOard of Management has failed to perform its duties as per the provisions of the Gujarat Municipalities Act, 1963 and its rules and has indulged in gross irregularities in the management of the affairs of the notifed area.
  16. And such other duties, powers and functions as may be specified by the Government by notification from time to time.

Expenditure and Cost

Each notified area at the beginning of each financial year remit an amount equal to half percent of assessed consolidated tax of the previous year to the Director of Notified Areas to enable him to sustain his office expenditure, establishment cost and miscellanious contigent expenditure.

Phone: 91.2712.2325.0590
Email: dirna@gidcgujarat.org
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